About the Project

Full Title: South Baltic Offshore Wind Energy Regions

Goal of the project:
There were 6 main objectives of the “South Baltic OFF.E.R” project:

  • Quicker and more elaborate development of new offshore wind parks;
  • A cleaner and more secure energy supply for the South Baltic Region;
  • More and better jobs in the South Baltic Offshore Wind Industry;
  • Increased competitiveness of the South Baltic Offshore Wind Industry and strengthened position in the European renewable energy market;
  • Public perception of the South Baltic as one of Europe’s premier renewable energy regions;
  • Lasting cross-border relationships strengthening social cohesion in the region.


Start of the project: 2010-03-01, end of the project: 2013-02-28

Contact persons for POMCERT: dr inż. Andrzej Tonderski, mgr Agnieszka Miszewska

Agnieszka Miszewska Andrzej Tonderski

More information can be received from Renata Smagacka

Renata Smagacka